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Journal of Islamic Studies

ISSN: 2564-7903


Rumeli İslam is a peer-reviewed Journal published by Trakya University Faculty of Theology twice a year as April and October. The Journal aims to contribute religious, theological, and social studies by publishing original academic works meeting international scientific criteria. The Journal publishes articles in Turkish, English, Arabic and Balkan Languages (as Albanian, Bosnian….).


The Scope of the Journal:

Basic Islamic Sciences: The Quran, Hadith, Exegesis, Islamic Jurisprudence, Kalam, History of Islamic Sects, Sufism, and Arabic Language and Literature;

Philosophy and Religious Sciences: Islamic Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Logic, Psychology of Religion, Sociology of Religion, Education of Religion, and History of Religions;

Islamic History and Arts: Islamic History, History of Islamic Arts, Turkish-Islamic Literature, and Religious Music.

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