Plagiarism Policy

CrossCheck is a multi-publisher initiative to screen published and submitted content for originality.  
Rumeli Journal of Islamic Studies  uses the iThenticate software to detect instances of overlapping and similar text in submitted manuscripts. Wherever you see the “Cross Check Deposited” or “Cross Check Depositor” logos, you can be reassured that the publisher whose content you are reading is committed to actively combating plagiarism and publishing original research. View Rumeli Journal of Islamic Studies’ plagiarism policy here. To find out more about CrossCheck visit iThenticate is the leading provider of professional plagiarism detection and prevention technology used worldwide by scholarly publishers and research institutions to ensure the originality of written work before publication. iThenticate helps editors, authors and researchers prevent misconduct by comparing manuscripts against its database of over 50 billion web pages and 130 million content items, including 40 million works from 590 scholarly publisher participants of Cross Check, a service offered by Cross Ref and powered by iThenticate software. iThenticate is developed by Turnitin, the leader in plagiarism and originality checking for educational institutions worldwide.
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